Who We Are

We are a Non-Profit, Non-Partisan Organization.

The City Lights Gateway Foundation is the transparent voice of the community, poised to take action for the needs of the people at will. 

Our Services provided are:26910144_1782527971800042_1683220737101853950_o

  • Monthly Community Meetings
      • Voices for the people
      • Motivational Speakers
      • Community Organizers, Events and Charity
      • Volunteer
      • Youth Engagement to Inspire
      • The Importance of Voting
      • Collaborate with Local Government, City Officials, Local law enforcement, business
      • Support local Schools


        Building platforms for community and others to voice their concerns.
      Creating bridges with other communities
      Teaching Peace, love and unity
      Safety related issues
      Environmental Awareness

    Support Homeless community

  • Searching for resources of opportunities for our youth
  • The need to provide more programs for youths and their families
  • Support the beautification program of our city
  • Rebuilding local youth football program
  • Support our Parks and Recreation

If interested and how to get involve or have any questions, please leave a comment or email us



2 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. I just wast to take this time to say thank you for this wonderful community strengthening program. I no longer live in my So. CALI home city or surrounding city’s but I do see all the hard work and dedication put in to beautify them and what a awesome job you all are doing. Thank you.

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